Digital & physical

Nut & Bolt is a design studio with a strong focus on interactive products — products that combine the digital and the physical. From brain­storming and concept development to industrial design, electronics design and prototyping. Have a look at the projects I have done for various clients.

Rich Interactions

Future interactive products require more than a screen and some buttons. These complex, networked, wireless and adaptive things require thinking beyond the obvious. Nut & Bolt integrates form, function and interaction to design easy-to-learn products that allow for a rich user experience and are aware of their surroundings.


A prototype says more than a 1000 words. Nut & Bolt uses prototypes extensively. As a means to com­municate concepts, try out design ideas and gain valuable knowledge. Using prototypes as a design tool helps make issues and oppor­tunities apparent early. Nut & Bolt makes prototypes rapidly and at low cost.

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